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Why should I use it?

Professionalize your project management in a simple, quick and inexpensive way by seamlessly adding it to your sales solution.

Who is it for?

Organizations of all sizes that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 and wish to professionalize their project management processes quickly.

How does it work?

proRM Fast Start is an app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Easily installed into the solution, it is ready to use after no more than two days.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

This app was previously known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As part of the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of business apps, however, its functionality has been expanded significantly. Like all Dynamics 365 apps, it can be extended by third-party apps to better suit the requirements of individual organization.

proRM Fast Start

proRM Fast Start is an app specifically developed by proMX to add project management functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. It is based on the years-long experience proMX has had with its successful project management add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. proRM Fast Start is inexpensive, easy to use and quickly set up.

proRM Fast Start for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales includes the most important project and resource management functionality, allowing small and growing organizations to manage sales processes and projects in one seamless solution. It can be used by project managers, their teams and senior management alike.

Make your employees’ lives easier by enabling them to record working time and expenses for their project tasks with just a few clicks. Crucially, time bookings not only tell you the duration of a task but instead contain their start and end time, making them much more precise.

Enable project managers to easily check, edit, approve or unapprove submitted tracking entries in order to create error-free invoices for their customers. Comparison charts and a tree-view help them stay on top of things at all times.

Keep track of all ongoing and upcoming projects in a multi-project, multi-customer view. Project Gantt also allows you to create new projects tasks, change structures and dependencies, and assign resources in that very view.

Use the time and expense entries you have already approved to create flawless project invoices for your customers. All you need to do is drag them from one side of the screen to the other and drop them in the relevant invoice.

Test drive proRM Fast Start at AppSource, Microsoft’s online marketplace for business apps. You can access a demo version of the app directly in your browser, no download or set-up required.



proRM Fast Start is easily set up and intuitive to use. To help you get the best out of the app, we have also created several learning video.


If you want to make the switch from using Excel files to manage your projects to a professional project management solution, proRM Fast Start is the right app for you. Besides its handy inclusion in Microsoft Dynamics 365, it is also easy to use and to set up.


Includes the most important project management features: time & expense tracking, approval management, project planning & controlling and invoicing

21 $

per user/month

Free Trial*

*valdid for 30 days

Get a free thirty-day trial version to find out what it is like to work with proRM Fast Start.



proRM Fast Start was developed by proMX AG. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365, for which we also develop add-ons that help businesses meet their requirements even better.

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Thanks to Dynamics 365 and proRM we are able to operate our company in a solution-oriented and innovative manner and at the same time ensure that remains controllable. 

Stefan Truthän CEO

Improved project control and powerful reporting have enabled us to access data in real-time, quickly schedule available capacities and react in an agile manner to demands. 

Lars Ziegler IT Manager

Experience how easy efficient project management can be with a Test Drive of proRM Fast Start on Microsoft AppSource.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to install proRM Fast Start?
To install proRM Fast Start you need a license for and administration rights in Dynamics 365 Sales.
Can I also install proRM Fast Start’s four applications separately?
No, proRM Fast Start can only be installed as a packaged solution.
Do I need to configure the app after installation?
You will need to configure several entities that are custom to the app. Our installation guide (in written form or as a video) walks you through this process.
How do I install or delete demo data for proRM Fast Start?
Once proRM Fast Start is installed in Dynamics 365, you will find a tab in the menu “PRORM SETTINGS” which allows you to install or uninstall demo data as well as assign or recall security rights to all Dynamics 356 users simultaneously.
Can I use the app without Microsoft Dynamics 365?
No, proRM Fast Start only works as an app for Microsoft Dynamics 365. It cannot be used as a standalone solution.
Can I use proRM Fast Start in combination with another CRM system?
No, proRM Fast Start was specifically developed as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 app and does not work with any other CRM system.
Does proRM Fast Start support project milestones?
Yes, the Project Gantt application in proRM Fast Start supports project milestones.
Who can work with proRM Fast Start?
proRM Fast Start can be used by project managers, project resources and company leadership alike.
Is the app suitable for agile project management?
proRM Fast Start is suitable for classic project management.
Can I manage multiple projects at once in proRM Fast Start?
Yes, the Project Gantt feature allows you to manage and edit multiple projects (by multiple accounts) in the same view.
Is proRM Fast Start suitable for fast growing companies?
Yes, since it can easily be upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation should a business outgrow its functionality.
Is proRM Fast Start suitable for large project management teams with complex processes?
proRM Fast Start a compact app which includes the most essential project management functionality. For project teams with more than 50 persons we recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation.
What user types are there?
There are several different user types in proRM Fast Start, preventing unauthorized users from accessing certain data and take certain actions.
Does proRM Fast Start support Gantt charts?
Yes, proRM Fast Start does support Gantt charts.