What is proRM Fast Start all about?


proRM Fast Start for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will make your project management easier and more efficient. No more missed deadlines, no more imprecise invoicing, never lose track of your projects again. It’s simple, quickly implemented and inexpensive. You can also integrate proRM Fast Start with Power BI and delve deep into the recorded data.


This solution is for your company’s employees, project managers and leadership alike. Once assigned to a project task, your resources will be able to track the hours they spend working on it as well as the occurred expenses in Tracking. Submitted tracking entries show up in Approval Manager where the responsible project manager can check and approve them for invoicing. Project planning and management happens in Project Gantt. And at the end of the process, Invoicing Manager helps you create flawless invoices.


And since it’s so easy to use, it doesn’t require extensive training. The app is rapidly deployed. Simply install it into your Dynamics 365 organization and get started immediately! You will feel at home at once. And should you outgrow the system at some point, you always have the option to upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation due to its compatibility with proRM Fast Start.

Revolutionize your project management for only €15 per user/month

Download a 30-day trial version from the Microsoft AppSource

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From Lead to Invoicing in One Solution

Lead Management
Lead Management

Start your sales process with collecting information about potential customers and keep track of your business prospects. Create leads out of the Dynamics 365 for Marketing app, manually in the system or import them from an external file.

Opportunity Management

Once you’ve gathered enough information about your lead, qualify it to convert it into an opportunity. Here, add stakeholders, sales team members, competitors and products in preparation for your quote.

Opportunity Management

Start by drafting a proposal to your potential customer and edit it whenever necessary. Just a few clicks to add your service or product, quantity, and price will create a corresponding quote in the blink of an eye. Activate it when it’s ready to be sent to your potential customer.


Your quote has been met with approval? Great! Create an order based on the accepted proposal. Of course, you can also file orders that are not based on a quote. A databank of all your orders will make sure you don’t lose sight of the details.

Project Management
Project Management

proRM Fast Start will help you manage the project phase, use Tracking to record working hours and expenses, Approval Manager to check all submitted tracking entries, and Project Gantt to keep track of your projects. For easy data visualization and analysis integrate Fast Start with Power BI.


All is well that ends well. So, provide your customer with a flawless invoice that you easily generate with the Invoicing Manager. To bill your customer, you simply use the time and expense entries your project resources created for each project task.


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