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Founded in 2000 in Germany, proMX is a Microsoft Gold Partner, operating worldwide. It is a company with strong Dynamics 365 focus, developing industry focused solutions for discrete manufacturing and professional services companies. The key proMX products are proRM Fast Start for project and resource management, and proRM add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation.
Since its founding, the company grew significantly and in 2015, due to success, proMX became a member of Microsoft Inner Circle. It has managed to repeat this success in 2016, and became a Member of Inner Circle for the second year in a row.
With more than three local offices in Germany, the company has 75 certified Dynamics specialists on board.





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For years proMX has been proud to be a dedicated partner of hhpberlin.
At the beginning proMX was a partner of choice for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint. Since years hhpberlin has also been a user of proRM Business Solutions for project and resource management, which enabled the company to unify complex business processes across various locations and departments.
Since the time Dynamics CRM turned into Dynamics 365, hhpberlin continued using last Microsoft technologies, extending the product stack aligning with Microsoft transformation.
Together with the change, hhpberlin continues to use proMX products and currently migrated to the newest project management solution -
proRM Fast Start for Microsoft Dynamics 365. It assists hhpberlin in living up to customers’ expectations. Managing around 300 employees, they report about decreasing of missed deadlines or imprecise invoicing, about reducing burden of routine tasks and project documentation costs.
Moreover, hhpberlin shares its successful experience with other companies participating in the events and exhibitions such as Industry Round Tables, CeBIT, and Hannover Messe, organized by proMX, demonstrating positive user scenarios and inspiring to follow the way of digital transformation.

Stefan Truthän

“Thanks to Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and proRM, we are able to operate our company in a solution-oriented and innovative manner and at the same time ensure that it remains controllable. Employees benefit from the reduced burden of routine tasks and project documentation costs have been cut by up to 25 percent. At the same time, the project workload has increased by about 50 percent. The company’s per capita production is more than twice as high as that of five years ago – without the necessity to work any extra hours. Due to the fact that hhpberlin relies on cloud computing for the Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office, their IT costs have decreased by more than 30 percent. By eliminating the need for any maintenance and servicing, the number of IT members has remained the same.“

Stefan Truthän,

Geschäftsführer hhpberlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz GmbH


Interflex Datensysteme GmbH & Co. KG is a German company producing and selling soft and hardware for security and workforce management solutions. Founded in 1976, Interflex has evolved into one of the international market leaders in this field.
Interflex has been a Microsoft-oriented company for a long time, and chose proMX as a reliable partner for the execution of Project Mercury.
The winning point against Salesforce and Genesis World, which proMX had in its hands, was their proRM Business Solutions. However, later on, following the strategy of Microsoft, proMX experts, as well as the Microsoft R&D team, considered the early adopter program for Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation as a better-suited option for the customer. Nowadays, Interflex project covers 370 licenses of Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service, PSA, Field Service, Portals, USD as well as Azure, SharePoint Online, and PowerBI Services. Additionally, proRM add-ons for Dynamics 365 for Project Service Autometion are implemented to optimize the original solution for industry and local market needs. As a next project step, Interflex considers using Dynamics 365 for Operations. It is the biggest cloud-based project worldwide consuming the whole Dynamics product stack.
Nowdays, taking advantage of proMX expertise and assistance, Interflex became one of the first users of Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation worldwide.

Joanna Rosner

"As a part of a Group of Companies operating worldwide, we are existing in a very dynamic environment. Until now, we were not able to cover important business processes with our ERP-system, which resulted into using additionally multiple smaller solutions. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 we have finally received a platform, providing a holistic and efficient integration between sales management, project management, field services, document management, and reporting. proMX has been an “early adopter” and a “trusted advisor” of ours, going with us all the way, always showing true commitment and high competence."

Joanna Rosner,

Projekt Manager, Interflex

IoT Scenarios?
hhpberlin’s pioneering HoloLens app HoloFire3D


In keeping with its innovative spirit, hhpberlin has already incorporated Microsoft HoloLens in its work of fire protection – less than 6 months after the device has become available in Germany. The company has developed HoloFire3D, an application that allows planners and architects to visualize buildings via holograms during the fire protection planning process, when changes need to be made to buildings, as part of BIM (Building Information Modelling), and to assist first responders in exploring the situation.

The app allows users to work collaboratively on projects and to rate fire and smoke expansion models. Visitors to our booths at CeBIT and Hannover Messe 2017 who got the chance to experience the app showed themselves thoroughly impressed.


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Cooperation with Microsoft worldwide as a priority

"proMX has been a true partner in the launch of Microsoft Dynamics Professional Service Automation and Microsoft Field Service. As an established ISV, proMX quickly seized the market opportunity by investing to learn the capabilities of these solutions and provide thoughtful feedback to Microsoft as one of the first early adopter partners. In addition to advising Microsoft on go to market initiatives, proMX shortens the time to market for customers by offering easy to adopt fast start solutions powered by Dynamics 365. It’s a winning combination of investment, knowledge, and experience that contributes to proMX’s incredible success."

Christine Zmuda
Christine Zmuda,

Sr. Sales Leader Microsoft

"proMX and their highly knowledgeable Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation consultants have been an integral part of Microsoft’s EMEA scale strategy to deliver services sales and delivery value to our project-based businesses. proMX has engaged with Microsoft proactively to ensure we are mutually invested in delivering customer value - by providing feedback for product roadmap with scenarios for providing customers with a complete Dynamics 365 experience. They have incorporated complementary business apps including Field Service, Portals and Sales in their implementations, while providing a crawl-walk-run approach to ensuring customers are set-up for adoption success from day one. proMX teams have been a pleasure to work with on our journey together to ensure every project at every organization is delivered on-time and within-budget. We look forward to growing this value-based relationship."

Aditya Mohan
Aditya Mohan,

Product Marketing, Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

"proMX launched their apps on AppSource and have been a great partner in our ecosystem; continuously iterating to provide a great experience of their apps to AppSource users, and in parallel also providing valuable input to my team/AppSource product team as we build out our roadmap."

Satish Thomas
Satish Thomas,

Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft AppSource

"proMX is one of the earliest adopters of AppSource. They published their SaaS solution FasStart based on CRM Online only a few weeks after the official launch of AppSource in July 2017.
They went through all the pain and extra effort this means. And they shared their learnings and promoted AppSource among the partner channel and to customers relentlessly.
With this they truely showed their strong commitment to Microsoft and Dynamics 365.
Today they generate in average 170 leads per month through AppSource, which brings them among the Top 3 of D365 BizApps on AppSource worldwide. Thank you."

Rüdiger Meyer
Rüdiger Meyer,

Dynamics 365 Industry & ISV Lead

"I am continuously impressed by the passion and professionalism of proMX. They have managed to drive their business performance with strong growth each year and keep staying at the leading edge of Innovation when it comes to Dynamics365. With their packed repeatable IPs as an added value to the Microsoft Products, proMX is driving digital transformation for customers as one of the leading Microsoft partners."

Christian Geckeis
Christian Geckeis,

Director Partner Sales Microsoft Germany

"proMX has achieved the highest Dynamics InnerCircle partner recognition two years in a row. This is the result of great focus on customer success and providing compelling cloud based customer engagement solutions. Especially the focus to offer repeatable IP (proMX is among Top 10 AppSource solutions) and strong investments in accelerating customer acquisition makes proMX an important partner for Microsoft EMEA."

Steffen Weh
Steffen Weh,

Director EMEA Channel Sales & Strategy, Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

"proMX is a transformational partner of Microsoft. Besides their long time dedication to the Dynamics 365 family, proMX have proved to capture the opportunity with the cloud, embrace the evolution of the Microsoft Partner network by extending their go-to-market with the addition of a channel. The annual proMX Partner Conference is a direct result. proMX so an example of the dna future Microsoft partners will be based on."

Rasmus Foged
Rasmus Foged,

Director, CRM Online Channel, EMEA

Growing proMX Partner Ecosystem


Over the years proMX was lucky to find dedicated partners all over the world and managed to build an extensive partnership ecosystem. The ecosystem allows proMX partners to grow their business, open new markets, and even create new verticals based on proMX IPs. Together with our partners we have succeeded in multiple internaltional project rollouts and marketing campaigns.
To bring our partners together, proMX organizes annual proMX Partner Conference (PPC). The event features technical and business sessions, as well as a lot of coworking. Since 2015 the number of PPC attendees has always increased, and we are expecting even more success this year at PPC in Washington.

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