We are pleased to announce that the latest release of our add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation are now available. The Project Management Add-ons are made up of three separate apps: Project Gantt for multi-account project management and controlling, Approval Manager for an organized approval process of time and expense bookings, and Time Tracking, which enables precise start- and end-time tracking. These add-ons are available separately or as a package.

For this release we have implemented the following new features:

  • Adapted to recent functionality changes in Project Service Automation version 3.x.
  • Integrated apps to Unified Interface application.
  • Implemented new Dynamics CRM Icon Splash.
  • Implemented dropdown menu approval of time entries.

Additionally, the following bugs that occurred in the previous release have been fixed:

  • Fixed: Opening of records in a new tab within the Unified Client Interface.
  • Fixed: Display issue of due date in Project Gantt which did not match the due date of the record.
  • Fixed: “Ghost changes” in Project Gantt when expanding and collapsing the project tree.
  • Fixed: Unexpected error when adding a task to the project structure.
  • Fixed: Duplicate of project tasks in project tree structure.
  • Fixed: Expense creating outside the project boundaries.
  • Fixed: Chart display in Time Tracking for several display resolutions.
  • Fixed: Shifting time entries after creation.

That is not all, however. In the coming weeks, our developers will be continuously improving usability of the add-ons and integration with the UCI client as well as adapting them to new PSA functionality.

Head to Microsoft AppSource to try these new releases for free: