At the time of its release a little over two years ago, proRM Fast Start was an entirely new product, specifically developed to be compatible with the then just-launched Microsoft Dynamics 365. Yet, it was based on more than a decade’s worth of practical experiences and expertise in developing project management solutions.

The app enables you to professionalize your project management quickly and inexpensively in order to become more efficient. To learn more about the benefits of the app, also read our article about the five main benefits of project management with proRM Fast Start.

The proMX Learning Center explains it all

It is our goal to make using the app as easy as possible and get you going right after installation of the app in Dynamics 365. We have therefore made available a great deal of learning material, including several tutorial videos.

In the first video in the series, you learn how to configurate proRM Fast Start following the installation into Microsoft Dynamics 365, this includes assigning security roles, creating characteristics, working hours and more.

proRM Fast Start consists of four parts: Tracking, Approval Manager, Project Gantt und Invoicing Manager.

Project Gantt offers a multi project or multi customer view in which projects can be planned, structured and controlled.

Tracking lets project team members precisely track working time on and expenses for project tasks to which they have been assigned. Bookings are created as drafts, allowing employees to make changes up until they submit them to the project manager.

Project managers find submitted bookings in the Approval Manager, where they can check, edit, approve,  reject or unapprove them. This streamlined process significantly reduces administrative effort. Minor mistakes can be fixed quickly with the inline editing feature without even opening the booking in question, which reduces adminstrative effort. Unapproving a booking redirectes it to the author so they can make whatever changes are necessary.

Invoicing Manager lets you quickly combine reviewed and approved bookings into flawless invoices. The process is simple: the window is split into two halves with projects on the left and corresponding invoices on the right.  Invoicing items only have to be moved from one side to the other via drag’n’drop.

If you are not yet using proRM Fast Start and would like to get to know the app better, you can access a free Test Drive on Microsoft AppSource. This three-hour trial requires neither download nor installation.