AppSource: ‚Test Drive‘ for proRM Fast Start available

Our project and resource management solution, proRM Fast Start, is the first Dynamics 365 app on Microsoft AppSource for which a so-called Test Drive is available. This allows interested user to try out the software for several hours directly in their browser in a Dynamics 365 environment pre-configured with sample data.

proMX has been offering proRM Fast Start on AppSource since the platform’s launch. User have been able to download a 30-day trial version to be installed into their Dynamics environment. The trial provides ample time to test the app extensively.

However, some users do not have sufficient administration rights to install solutions into Dynamics 365, are prohibited from installing apps or work at a company that does not yet use Dynamics 365. In these cases the test drive is an alternative.

To make the Test Drive experience even more attractive, we have implemented a Learning Path for the application. It guides the user through the app explaining functionality and structure. Also make use of short instruction videos and an extensive user guide and an effective trial period is guaranteed.

Try it for yourself: proRM Fast Start on Microsoft AppSource