As a leading Microsoft partner, proMX never misses the annual Microsoft Inspire event, where partner companies from all over the world come together for a five-day conference. At this year’s gathering in Washington, D.C., however, we weren’t merely attendees. Our work was featured in one the three keynote addresses.

On Tuesday morning, proMX CEO Peter Linke and Stefan Truthän, CEO of our longtime customer hhpberlin, joined Microsoft’s Judson Althoff on stage at the Verizon Center. During their appearance, the 18,000 partners in attendance learned how, with the help of implementation partner proMX, hhpberlin was able to transform into a digital company.

Spotlight on longtime Microsoft partner

According to Linke, an appearance by a German partner on stage at Microsoft’s most important event is a special occurrence. “It is large American partners and world-renowned companies that tend to be used as illustrations of what is possible with Microsoft technology. We feel honored that Microsoft decided to turn the spotlight on us.”

proMX has been a Microsoft partner for 16 years and has established itself as an indisputable expert in the area of project management solutions. In fact, it developed some of the first add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, which became available on Microsoft AppSource soon after its launch.

10-year cooperation

As the two CEOs explained on stage, the collaboration between proMX and hhpberlin began almost 10 years ago when Truthän approached Linke with ideas for digital tools that would facilitate the fire engineering company’s work. First on the agenda, however, was to make its complex manual workflow and huge quantity of paper documents more manageable. To that end, proMX implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365.

With the ascend of the cloud, Truthän’s ideas became more feasible. Today, the company, which is one of the worldwide leaders in its field, is a truly digital business. As Althoff pointed out, embracing continuous technological innovation has helped it reimagine its market position and expand its customer base.

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