The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015 is definitely the most exciting Microsoft event of this summer. Of course, on the proMX calendar July 12-16 is marked in red.

Being a dedicated Microsoft partner, proMX GmbH will attend the Orlando conference so we may communicate with the representatives of other Microsoft partner companies, gain valuable international experience and spend a wonderful time with our peers.

The Microsoft Partner Ecosystem – that is how members of the Microsoft community describe themselves. We are greatly dependent on each other in the positive sense of the word, and relationships between Microsoft and partner companies are definitely mutual. The more partners Microsoft has, the more the company expands its sphere of influence. All partners can benefit from first-hand knowledge of the latest information, the opportunity to extend their partner network and from the final result of making their business more profitable. It is like a perfectly coordinated team, in which each member listens to and respects the views of others.

At this year’s Microsoft WPC, all attendees will be able to find the most suitable track and corresponding sessions for their individual situation. Divided into four sections, the tracks seek to encompass the whole business cycle: Innovate, because every idea must be unique; Engage, while introducing all product advantages to the client in the most creative manner; Transform, because you must be flexible in the way you develop your product to adapt to the market needs; and finally Lead, so you can effectively drive your company’s success.

At the Microsoft WPC 2015, proMX GmbH will present the new release of its signature product proRM Business Solutions. “We are glad that the new release of our solution coincided with the global Microsoft partner meeting,” says Peter Linke, CEO of proMX GmbH. “It is a great honor, to present our work and results to our colleagues and friends and listen to their opinion.”

For more than half a year, the entire proMX-Team has worked hard on further development of proRM Applications. This includes not only general changes in proRM Apps that improve the usability, but also new features related to CRM customization.

Additionally, proMX GmbH will celebrate an important date during the conference – the birthday of our company, which was founded 15 years ago. We make every effort to reach new highs and deliver the best results. We would like to cordially invite all our partners attending WPC 2015 to our little anniversary party. Let’s spend some beautiful moments together before the start of this long-awaited conference.

Microsoft WPC 2015 is the best opportunity to meet future partners to enhance your business performance. Register here and meet the proMX-Team at Microsoft WPC 2015 and discover new ways of cooperation.

We are looking forward to the coming conference and a great time in Orlando.