One successful leader among Microsoft Partners joined the business family of IT Competence Group SE, allowing for the expansion of its line of IT products and services.

proMX GmbH Nuremberg Software Company, a famous Gold Competency Microsoft partner in Germany, continues to demonstrate its growth and evolution. This time the change is related to the sale of a controlling stake of the company. The new investor is the well-know IT expert, reflecting the rapid growth of its share and influence on the market, IT Competence Group SE (

Established in 2006, IT Competence Group SE (ITCG) is a constantly growing group of companies with the head office in Waalre (Netherlands) and six branch offices in Germany. ITCG provides Customer Service and Consulting Services with its characteristic effective implementation and immersion in the IT environment.

Major corporations as Deutsche Telekom AG, Porsche AG, Audi AG, Adidas AG, Varta AG and many others are among the high profile customers of ITCG.

Utilizing a strong partner and customer network, as well holding the necessary capital for investment, ITCG offers outstanding partnership conditions. As a holding company for perspective IT companies, ITCG pursues the Buy & Build strategy – focusing deals on acquisition and expansion of individual companies.

This business merger gives both market leaders the chance to combine their capital, efforts, expertise, and experience to achieve better results and set higher goals, while significantly extending the service portfolio of ITCG.

proMX GmbH and ITCG share the same vision and strategy. The corporate values of the companies are so close that it is easy to find agreement between upper management from both sides. These facts, as well as significant financial incentives from the collaboration, played a major role in making the acquisition decision.

However, CEO of proMX GmbH, Peter Linke, remains the one person who continues to manage the company. Due to his management efforts, the company continues to stay among the top of all Microsoft partners worldwide and particularly in Germany. Under his guidance, the company’s unique software product – proRM Business Solutions for sales, resource, and project management – won several important awards such as Microsoft Partner of the Year 2014 – Germany. Moreover, the company itself was recognized as Online Service Advisor Excellence Award Winner 2014 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“The decision to sell the controlling stake was made with the expectation of extending the business possibilities of proMX, as well as of our new mother company – IT Competence Group SE,” says Peter Linke, CEO of proMX GmbH. “We hope we will be able to achieve even more results due to our new status and conditions.”

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