We were waiting for Christmas and the New Year like children with impatience and a foretaste of joy. We were thinking a lot about surprises we would make and receive. As a result, our fantasy and inspiration brought us new ideas for presents to our best customers, partners and friends.

proMX-Team had a wonderful journey to the world of real German traditions to be able to share them with you. We have visited the Bavarian brewery to get new skills and under the professional guidance learned to brew the beer according to the old traditional recipe.

In our everyday work, we frequently work together, but this new kind of work brought us even more pleasure and satisfaction. Because of this new activity, we have realized even more so how important it is to be a team, to work as one perfect mechanism to bring success to our company and our customers.

penguinWhat was the result? The specially brewed beer, traditional snacks, postcards and best wishes to our customers, partners and friends.

Watch our special video to feel the atmosphere of the event!

In 2015 proMX-Team will continue to support our child Nary Kong from Cambodia. We believe our help is very important for the young girl in achieving her life goals and receiving a good education. That is why she has become a face of our Christmas cards.

With our love for animals, we continue to contribute in a development of the Nuremberg Zoo. Our penguin became a symbol of proMX and looks at you with its kind eyes from our different materials.
Dear friends, thank you very much for your positive feedback and wishes!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let it be successful for all of us!