proMX GmbH is on the path to improvement and optimization of its solution for the management and control of the projects – proRM Business Solutions

Our teams, consisting of highly qualified employees and experts on these subjects, use their complete achievement property to make the newest version of the proRM Business Solutions even more efficiently and even more user-friendly.

We can already report about many planned improvements and changes.

New functionalities:

proRM Project Gantt

Custom arrangement for project trees in all Apps (Including Gantt): Users can shift the projects arbitrarily and save this assortment to be able to use it in every application.

The drag & drop function is especially useable for the project Gantt. It helps to change and optimize the project sorting.

Another functional enlargement is the extension of the data exchange between MS Project and proRM project Gantt. Expected working hours for every project level can be soon exported and imported easily.

proRM Tracking

Automatic amount calculation during the expense booking by given distance and the rate per km

A configurable colour coding system provides for a better overview of any booking type. In the system it can be determined by the user which colour should be selected for which booking type.

Quick creation for bookings is planned. Creating a booking is possible over all CRM entities by using Quick Create. Users can create bookings anywhere they want without leaving CRM.

proRM Approval and Invoicing Manager

The line items can be calculated from the expenses in the Approval Manager. With this feature, the user can select “auto calculate” and simply assign expenses to the line item, and the amount will be automatically calculated.

The separation between billable and not billable bookings simplifies and accelerates the process to get a sum for your projects. This makes invoicing easier and less time consuming.

An additional functional enlargement is already planned. Enlarged booking states (like: fixed, closed, approved, paid, etc.,) are considered with the filter function. Therefore project managers can get a better idea of the project structure.

proRM Resource Planning

It is intended to be a dynamic filter for forecasting. Every time the project manager selects an employee, the project list will be filtered accordingly.

More user-friendliness:

Some improvements in the user interface are planned. A new busy indicator and new loading indicator in the CRM related format integrates the applications into the CRM environment even better.

In Site Map, apps are only visible if you have the security role for the app, otherwise they are hidden to increase the usability. As the user, you only see the apps that you have the security roles for.
Some basic settings like working hours of the users are reused directly in the applications, as well as known information from Microsoft Outlook.

Beyond it, an enlarged Context Menu is planned. Therefore the operation becomes more intuitive and uses the known Windows functionality.

A great step towards individualization happens with the possibility to carry out own adaptations in the user interface. Users can easily change the display name of the fields and entities, and all the app will read the labels directly from CRM and show the user defined labels.

This is only a subset of our planned modifications and adaptations which will increase the functionality and productiveness of our sales, resources and project management solution proRM and make all applications more user-friendly.